Become an Official Ambassador today!

We're thankful for the high demand of ambassador requests you have sent to us, so we created this page just for you to present our full details, rewards, benefits and more for brand ambassadors!

We only recruit a limited number of ambassadors in order to remain exclusive. However, if your style, feed and overall presence appeals to us, we may select you! Although an order wouldn't be necessary for you to be part of our community, it does allow us to feature you even more across our social media and website worldwide! 

Steps to be an ambassador:

1. Send us a message on our Instagram @BondunoOfficial, letting us know you wish to be an official brand ambassador!

2. If we decide to recruit you, we shall generate your personalised ambassador code for you to promote and present you're part of the family. You can earn our items, commission and more.. just by friends using your personalised code!

3. Once you share your ambassador code via your story, bio etc. we'll repost your story and your ambassador code will be activated! Make sure to tag us so we see your story (your profile must be set as 'public')

4. After you've completed the steps above, we shall arrange a secret one-time only offer for you exclusively, so we can feature you in our items! An order isn't necessary, unless you wish to 💓 

We're unable to send items free of charge or 'gift' due to the growing high demand and limited supply, however view our perks below as you can earn free items! An order isn't necessary unless you wish to, however it does allow us to feature you across our social media and website worldwide such as all the other ambassadors! Items can be rewarded to you as mentioned in the perks section below.

Let us know if you're interested as soon as possible, as we're limiting recruitment!


  • Your own personalised discount code to promote with, present you're part of the family and earn rewards such as a free item the first time your ambassador code is used by a friend!
  • Featured across our combined social media following of 20,000+
  • Exclusive ambassador offers and updated first on new items, exclusive offers, secret updates and more
  • Gain exposure when we feature you across our social media and website worldwide!
  • Enhance your resume! We've noticed loads of you babes have a passion for the fashion industry. If you qualify to be an ambassador, you'll be able to present you've collaborated with a worldwide fashion brand.
  • One of our items from our website every time your ambassador code is used twice by friends!
  • Ambassador of the Month! You'll be exclusively featured across our social media and website worldwide, such as on our 'AOTM' story highlight.
Rewards for you and savings for friends!

As we can see the use of each code on our website, we will be in contact with you anytime someone has used your ambassador code!

View a few of our lovely Official Ambassadors in our items!


Cherry Red Bow Tie Two Piece:  

Snakeskin Shorts & Crop Top Two Piece:


Midnight Black Viola Mini Dress: 

 Babygirl Crop Top:  

Yellow Leopard Two Piece Bikini:


 Caramel Beige Valencia Midi Dress Two Piece:

Cherry Red Bow Tie Two Piece:

Khaki Green Lace Up Two Piece:   

 Hot Pink Lace Up Two Piece:


 Hot Pink 'Babygirl' Crop Top:

Rosa Two Piece: 


Ruby Red Kayley Mini Dress:


 Khaki Green Lace Up Two Piece:

 Hot Pink 'Babygirl' Crop Top:


Bow & Lace Bodysuit in Vanilla White: 


Cream Pink 'Not Your Baby' Cropped Jumper:

Royal White 'Boy Bye' Cropped Jumper:

Hot Pink Lace Up Two Piece: 


Knitted Long Sleeve Dress: